About Us

Who are we?


The Vegan Box Limited is a local Caerphilly based company founded by two Caerphillians: Scott and Gareth.
Scott has worked as a barista & manager for the past couple of years after taking his time to figure out what he wanted to do in life, he finally settled on a degree in computer science. Scott has been cooking for as long as he can remember and feels a sense of belonging and inspiration when in the kitchen stemming from days spent watching his Mom, Dad, and Nan fixing up their tried & tested family favourites.
Gareth is a self confessed Vegan-junk-food-fanatic who likes to experiment with new flavours and textures in the kitchen.
Gareth has been flying for over ten years and loves to tap into his "weekend box of wine" during the week.
​Our pets Archer, George, Cora, and Beautiful are a huge part of our lives and a daily reminder of the care that we have for every living animal.
Combined we have been vegan for 12 years now and would have it no other way! 

We are both excited to connect with the hungry people of Wales (and the wider UK eventually) and share The Vegan Box Limited's mission statement. ✌️❤️🌱

Our Mission


The Vegan Box Limited is committed 

to producing & 

stocking food that is 

plant-based, cruelty-free, 

sustainable, & BANGIN’.

Peace, love & plants. 



We decided to embrace the vegan lifestyle for our health, for the health of the planet and for the health of our animal friends. After starting vegan life as complete amateurs we have come to understand the ins & outs of living a plant based diet, and of course how to enjoy every moment of it (even the feels that you get when the only option for you on the menu is a side salad and fries). The common misconceptions, misunderstandings and myths that the general public have towards a plant based vegan lifestyle are something that we deal with on a day to day basis....

".....but WHERE do you get your protein from?!?"
"You actually eat THAT?"
"Isn't it hard to be vegan?"
"Haven't we evolved to eat meat? It's natural...."

We hope that through our food we can connect and share our passion while answering  some of those questions and more.
We're not trying to convert everyone to a lifestyle that might seem alien, bland,  and  boring to a small percentage of the population.
We are, however, trying to change the world one burger, one ‘bacon‘ bap, and one quesadilla at a time.